Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair has always been in. It has always been a symbol of femininity. How would you long hair made even more beautiful, it is necessary to properly take care for because no one likes split ends and dry, dull hair.
We bring you the seven simple hairstyles for fall and winter from the catwalks. One of the modern hairstyles can certainly be called “Kate Moss hair.” It is a restless hairstyle that requires a few drops of water and your hands. Make parting on one side and gather your hair into a low tail. Let a few clumps of hair fall free on the face. For inspiration just look at some pictures Kate Moss after good outings. Another classic hairstyle is definitely deep side parting. Select side on which will bangs fall, hair, gather under the opposite ear, and with the help of hair spray and hairpin secure naughty bun. Playful highlights what the models wore Ralph Lauren, Prada and other designers, inspired by the hairstyles 60′s. Hair combed with a wide toothed comb, make a deep parting aside and let the section of hair falling over the forehead gently. Gather the hair at the nape of the tail and pull a few strands behind and in front of ears as seen on the runways. On a low and curly tail. The result is a contrast of straight hair on the scalp and curly peaks. Suffice it to collect hair pressed in low pony tail, and then twist the tops and add volume. For additional shine, use hairspray. Do you want a classic version? For shiny smooth tail straighten hair and spray. With the cold weather does not have to give up a favorite summer hits, mischievous braids. On wet hair, apply mousse and blow dry the hair dryer. Make parting in the middle, spin a braid to the side that will not be tightly twisted and do not forget to move forward over the shoulder. Do you like hair styles inspired by the French? On the entire length of the hair, apply mousse for volume, dry hair, curl of hair around a round brush and make parting in the middle. Assemble your hair with your fingers behind your ears, leaving it to fall over the tops of the ears and attach pins or hair comb. Do not worry if the some clumps go out of control, that’s even better. Hairstyles you like Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs is slightly wavy hair. On dry hair make perfect strict parting in the middle. Collect your hair behind the ears and secure side of the hair so that the pins do not see. Curl your hair from the tops of the ears, comb with your fingers and secure with hair spray. If your hair is nourished it really does not matter which hairstyle you choose, but the trends suggest that you find something that suits you and make it your own way. Play with the hair! We give a thumbs up for all the creativity that expresses your personality. Remember, the key words are quick and easy.

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